“…a blueprint for sales management success. Read it, follow it, and become a disciple of this system.”

-Brian Waller, President and CEO
of Insurance Finance Company

“…a blueprint for sales management success. Read it, follow it, and become a disciple of this system.”

-Brian Waller, President and CEO
of Insurance Finance Company

This website is full of valuable resources and downloadable content that you can use immediately. These resources are designed to reinforce the lessons learned by Rolland in a way that you can apply them in your current sales management role today.

COPS Downloable Forms

Sales Focus Blueprint™ Template

The purpose of the blueprint is to tie personal goals to specific sales activities. Money isn’t everyone’s greatest motivator but it is always a universal exchange of value.

One-on-One Debrief Form

The primary goals of a 1-on-1 Debrief meeting are holding the salesperson accountable to their commitments and insuring that they have a plan for the upcoming period of time.  The form serves as an agenda map to keep the meeting focused and effective.

OnBoarding Form

Delegation and Onboarding are both the process of increasing your trust level in a specific employee’s ability to do a task as well or nearly as well as you.  Use The Onboarding and Delegation System® to painlessly sculpt your team into the competent and empowered team you always envisioned.

Pre-Call Plan Form

Professionals Prepare. The salesperson that plans ahead will have identified any gaps in information, developed goals and strategies for filling them, measured how the client will react to the strategies, and considered which sales tools might prove beneficial.

COPS Downloable Illustrations

Team Balloon™

Salespeople do not all stack up the same. The Team Balloon Model shows how to allocate your time and energy in order to get the most out of each rep according to their placement within your team.

Coaching Spectrum™

There are five levels of coaching within the spectrum: Lecture, Train, Consult, Truly Coach, and Debrief. The categories differ as to when they should be implemented as well as in which party should lead the discussion.

Account Management Matrix™

The Matrix follows a 4-step process for categorizing clients and answering the question, “What are we proactively doing to ensure an inappropriate amount of time has not passed since we last added value to each of the people we think are good customers?”

Mentorship Ladder™

The greatest focus of mentoring should be on individuals. There are several focus areas that make up the 7 Rungs of the Mentorship Ladder®. As you grow in your mentoring relationship with your sales people each of these rungs leads to the next.

Other Resources

Learn More About the Intentional Sales Management™ System that Monroe Uses to Train Rolland.

Intentional Sales Management™ is the proprietary, gold-standard training system on which A Culture of Predictable Sales is based. It’s replete with tried and true best practices and advanced strategies gleaned from years of work with hundreds of sales managers in dozens of industries. Get in the driver’s seat of your sales team!

Modules Include

  • Coaching & Training
  • Mentoring
  • Motivation
  • Accountability Partnership
  • Team Sculpting (Hiring)
  • Meetings Overview
  • Sales Focused Blueprint
  • Pre-Call Plan
  • Post-call Debrief
  • Sales Team Meeting
  • 1-1 Mentoring
  • 1-1 Debrief
  • Activity Review
  • Funnel Review
  • Out In The Field
  • Onboarding & Delegation
  • Uncovering Beliefs
  • Gamification (Sales Contest & Promotions)
  • Compensation
  • Account Management